by Jack Pearce

COVID-19 has had a big influence on sporting codes right across the world.

But in Australia’s most southern state, Tasmania, netball is back in action and flourishing as players return to the court.

With a smaller COVID-19 outbreak in the state, majority of the island population returned back to normal sooner, allowing for local and state competitions to return.

Netball Tasmania shut down quickly and effectively from the start and were incredibly well supported by suppliers and community stores who stepped in to donate sanitiser, soaps and wipes to help games resume safely.

“The 2021 RACT Insurance Tasmanian Netball League (TNL) is in full swing this year, just passing the half way mark of our 21-round fixture,” Netball Tasmania told

“Despite having a short turn around for pre-season after finishing the 2020 fixture later in the year than expected, teams are fit and firing towards finals.”

Fans haven’t only been returning to venues across the state, with livestreams allowing for matches to be watched from the comfort of their living rooms.

“Having livestream matches of the week allows the community to engage with netball on the digital platform, even if unable to attend in person,” Netball Tasmania explained.

“Crowds have also flocked back to support in stadiums with easing of spectator restrictions around the state. We look forward to what will unfold in the months to come!”

The Gilbert Netball of choice in Tasmania is the Gripsure, with both the elite and pathway programs using the popular ball.

“We’re big Gripsure users in Tasmania, with our elite level competition TNL using customised Gripsure each season. Netball Tasmania pathway programs also use this model of ball as they work their way through the netballing ranks.

“Having such a positive reputation and proven reliability makes Gilbert an easy first choice. The connection Gilbert maintains with Tasmania increases awareness of new product availability, as well as working together to achieve the best price. It a fantastic relationship.”

In July, the U17/U19 National Netball Championships will be held in Tasmania, with plenty of anticipation growing ahead of the tournament.

“This opportunity is really exciting for Tasmania, and particularly Hobart. For this group of our emerging talent to be able to play in front of their family and friends on home soil is a luxury that only comes around once in eight years, making it feel pretty special,” Netball Tasmania said.

“It offers an opportunity for Tasmania as a smaller member organisation to showcase to the larger Netball Australia community that we are proud administers of the sport in the state, offering opportunity from grass roots to the elite and are more than capable of hosting large scale events.”